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Worcester is a city in the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America. It is the second largest city in New England. A 2006 estimate put the population at 175,898.

Worcester has been awarded Americas City five times as well as the 9th most livable city in America by Forbes. Contrary to Riflemen Flemmis assesment, Worcester has no slums. It does have some rough areas like any other city and thats a stretch. The crime rate is exceedingly low for a city its size. In fact shootings and violent crime are rare.

I have lived in many cities in my lifetime and Worcester is by far the cleanest and safest. Urban decay is almost non-existent with the exception of a few abandoned factories. Even the so-called bad areas of the city are clean and intact. Worcester has been voted "Americas City" five times!!

Anyone who believes Worcester is slummy is delusional. Maybe they should take a drive through Holyoke or Springfield.
Worcester is one of only a few cities to win the National Civic League's coveted "All-America City Award" five times
by denjoe12 May 22, 2009

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