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An online drama filled virtual world aimed at 'tweens and teens' rather like club penguin where kids date people they only just met, have pointless virtual weddings, make a ton of fake friends, get bullied because they are poor. Where everyones primary goal is to become rich and famous and own a ton of pixel things. Woozworld is a huge money trap and you just cant stop playing and wanting to buy things. Woozworld is a place where woozens (players) idolise other woozens like people who are virtually famous for no reason, glitz7 and latinlover00 for instance, and people who are creative or own famous places like ripleyw and nikki-ashley or people who make decent youtube videos like demitra11 and ems37 and practically worship the staff of the site, MyaWooz, JayWooz, MaxWooz and JennyWooz,
User 1: Hey, Great day on Woozworld today isnt it!
User 2: Yeah! ems37, glitz7, demitra11 and ripleyw all added me!
User 1: Wow, only latinlover00 added me!
User 2: Haha im more famous than you then
User 1: But latinlover00 is best
by WoozworldUser August 30, 2013
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oozworld is a virtual gaming community and social network service founded in 2009 and headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. Woozworld's services allow tweens, teens, and kids to connect with each other through customizable profiles and interactive activities. Kids are able to bully, date and lie.
The Woozband Mya, Jenny, Max & Jay Wooz ('The Famous') Came into Woozworld just a few months Woozworld was first published on the net. So there are some woozens that have been on even before the Woozband. So why aren't they famous like the Woozband? There are some other famous Woozworld 'Celebrities' that inclue: ripleyw, latinlover00, -Just-A-Girl-, osnapitzlollie, aeropostale and many others. One of the oldest Woozworld Celebs include pearlsnow who doesn't play anymore, but was the first WNS (Woozworlds next star) So she earnt her fame. You might think ripleyw is a bully, but really she isnt, Woozens believed that latinlover00 was bullied by her because she was jealous. Totally wrong. latinlover00 was the one who was jealous and always tried to beat ripleyw by framing her to believe that she bullied him, like so he is doing it to -Just-A-Girl- making it look like she is hating on him when she isnt. This game is some-what addicting and many $Dollars are spent. On this game you are able to post videos, music and posts like blogger but im this world, its named WoozIn.

Woozen 1: PC IF SINGLE
Woozen 2: hey baby..

Woozen 1: hi, want to to out
Woozen 2: ya sure.

Woozen 1: Im pooor can plzz giv me rich??
Woozen 1: PLZZ I NEED WOZ!!
Woozen 2: Excuse me, space please.

Woozen 1: HI HOTY
Woozen 2: uh :/
Woozen 1: DO YOU LIK ME?????
Woozen 2: uh im not single....
Woozen 1: OH €#%$ YOU €$#&%
by izzybellyflop October 12, 2013
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A virtual world some what like club penguin, where little kids date people they meet 5 minutes ago, write on everyones walls and waste their money. Its actually quite addicting, and you will find yourself spending money on it before you know it. The people on there worship a girl called ripleyw, and they also idolize the four animators (who work there) MaxWooz, JennyWooz, MyaWooz, and JayWooz.
user 1: hey do you have a woozworld?
user 2: yeah and MaxWooz added me as a friend
user 1: lucky!
by derpasdfghjkl123 February 04, 2013
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