A Wooter is a person who understands that great things never come from staying in your comfort zone. A Wooter believes in staying active, meeting new people and unlocking new experiences.
"Hey look at those Wooters over there playing volleyball; lets go join them!"
by godoit December 29, 2015
Metaphysical place of happiness within the soul, generally triggered by enthusiastic glee
That really tickled your wooter, didn't it?
by Fuckunda September 3, 2017
Slang for penis. A friendly way of referring to your package.
Jeff Gordon: "My wooter is itchy Dale"
Dale Earnhart: "Yeah jeff its because you spent the night with a dirty hooker"
by Expungedd May 27, 2021
John: "aye man let me get one of them WOOTERS"
mike: " damn, i only got 2, can you smoke half of one?"
by NugZ GalorE January 20, 2010
A group of people who wear orange shirts and make offensive "hooting" noises while they run in public areas.

Wooters generally make "hooting" noises whilst gesturing in a similar way to the The Circle Game near their face while running at each other.
"Oh look, a group of Wooters..."
"You're joking? Fuck me they're annoying. They're a blight on society with those stupid noises they make - it makes me want to be anywhere but here. I want to go running but they make me want to slit my wrists! If only they were aware that they ruin Parkrun for the majority. Bloody bible bashers"
by Ima B July 9, 2018
Can I have a glass of wooter?
by Bass April 3, 2005
One who woots. Woot!

If you woot, you are a wooter!
Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot!
by Bob882 September 11, 2004