A person who played dodge ball with the joke
You missed the joke r/woosh

PixelClub shot tried to shoot you with the joke but you miss it so you been Wooshed
Wooshed mean you been wooshed
by pixelclub May 1, 2019
a guy with flippy skater hair

-Invented by ayleen but starting to be used by many.
girl 1- That woosh woosh over there is hot!
girl 2- yeah! he is

girl 1- I love woosh woosh's because their flippy hair look cute
girl 2- he has nice skater hair (helmet hair)
by Wassup456 December 1, 2013
You: It's not funny that's a serious issue!

Joker: WOOSH!

You: *Looks up woosh on Urban Dictionary*
by Your real name (i rebel LOL) August 18, 2011
To completely miss the point of a joke that was brought up in conversation.
Jack: 'I don't get it'
Francesca: 'woosh'
Jack: 'oh, what did I miss?'
Francesca: 'only the best joke ever told.'
by PentatonicPringle August 10, 2015
Used to denote when a comment has gone over someone's head. Onomatopoetic to the sound of an object moving past you at an accelerated pace.

Made even funnier when saying "woosh" also makes no sense to the person that earned the "woosh", thus making a combo that cannot be countered until combo-broken.

Sometimes typed as /woosh in an MMORPG setting, as if something making no sense to someone was an emote of some kind.
tofu: "I'd love to see a snuff film star named Gorey Feldman."
dahll: "What are you talking about?"
tofu: "Woosh"
dahll: "Woosh?"
grad-o: "2-hit combo!"
by tofubot July 11, 2008