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A small town near Seattle, known for having less than 5 black people, 100's of million dollar homes, 1 movie theater where middle schoolers kick it, about 80 wineries where people a bunch of people from Cali hang out, and high schoolers from upper class families that think they're thuggety thug. Plenty of money here to support a desperate house wife fo sho.
Desperate housewife: "Hey did you see that blacked-out gangster mobile drive by on 22's, ghetto blasting California love? Are you sure it was a good idea to move to Woodinville."

Rich doctor husband: "No worries dear, that's just the son of the town dentist, he's under the impression he's black"

Desperate housewife: "I think I'll fuck him while you're not home"

Rich doctor husband: "Werd"
by ziggyzag April 16, 2013
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Woodinville, Washington. Northeast of Seattle, Suburban area. Lots of Starbucks and SUVs. Wealthy area good for parents to raise their children. Woodinville is a nice city. Lots of good looking girls, cool guys, and it has been known to have a few milfs.
"Woodinville has 'hella' hot girls."
"It's true"
"Some of them are easy too"
by Tyler from Woodinville November 28, 2005
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