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A sanctuary in a home free from males and kids, where a woman can go to get some peace.
Sheila retreats to her woman cave to clean her gun after a long day on the job.

Teresa likes to watch movies in her woman cave when the kids go to bed.
by jojo4683 April 08, 2011
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The opposite of a mancave.

A place where women can gather and do things that women do. (Cook)

No men should be allowed to enter into this "cave".

A Women Cave is also known as a kitchen.
Man: I cant wait to get a place of my own. I am gonna have a sweet man cave. No girls will be allowed inside of course.

Woman: Oh well, if you have a man cave I might as well have a woman cave.

Man: Don't you mean a kitchen?
by Sjbora June 23, 2011
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A lesbians large vagina. The possessor used to be straight, but because so many men dumped her over the size of her box, she is now a lesbian. She is still completely unaware of how large her vagina is, how it has ended her relationships, how it has made her hate men, & doesn't know she is placing the blame in the wrong place. It also never occurred to her that the reason some men kept trying to screw her asshole was that it was so much tighter.

See relation to Man Cave
Bill: "Why was that chick on the other side of the bar freaking on you?"

Ron: "I went out with her 6 months ago & dumped her because she had a huge pussy, & wouldn't let me bang her ass. She was trying to tell me she's better off with a chick licking her woman cave."
by Ehud Avni November 17, 2010
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