One of Squilliam Fancyson's main catchphrases (Lean induced) -> Slushy variant.
Pourer: "That thing bleedin to the... ya mean!!"
Squilliam: "WOCKY SLUSH 😩 😩"
by Grimester#2 December 5, 2020
a true masterpiece of cinema. the beginning a booming voice of a mid 30s african american male is heard, and narrates the amazing cinematography of a zoomed in video of a sprite bottle, with a lean slushie inside of it. After the narration is partly finished, P, who the narrator is talking too, exclaims that the Lean Slushie is a "wocky slush". As the narrator zooms into the lean slushie further, we all see a true reflection of who we truly are on the inside.
That thang bleedin ya know wha mean? Wocky Slush, That thang bleedin P
by Kinny132 January 12, 2021
“Wocky Slush”
That thang bleedin’ P”
by FSG Stumpy December 5, 2020
A lean slushee, using promethazine syrup from the Wockhardt Ltd. group, a little Sprite, and some crushed ice. Popularized term from a TikTok video featuring the drink and a man saying “WOCKY SLUSH
Voice 1: "That thing bleedin to the... ya mean!!"

by second order January 10, 2021
When you take a fat shit with diahrea into a seven eleven slurpy cup and give it to the nearest homeless man
by DanTe1° January 9, 2021
extremely wocky substances that often cause erectile dysfunction and/or serious aids
That thang bleedin yaw i mean. WOCKY SLUSH, that thang bleedin peete
by Hammered Hammy December 23, 2020