Stupid mechanic seen in super smash brothers melee which allows ice climbers to get a grab and repeatedly hit you. Since you are grabbed, you cannot do anything. It was created by wobbles.
Fuck wobbling
FUCK wobbling

fUCK Wobbling
FuCK Wobbling
FUcK Wobbling
FUCk Wobbling
fuCK Wobbling
fUcK Wobbling
fUCk Wobbling
FucK Wobbling
FuCk Wobbling
FUck Wobbling
by FUCK WOBBLING June 1, 2019
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Main Entry:

also wab·bling \ˈwä-bəling\


Inflected Form(s):
wob·bled also wab·bled; wob·ble also wab·ble \-b(ə-)liŋ\

The pre-actions before one is about to cry
The irregular rocking or staggering motions by ones lips before they cry
—"Man!, please get your wobbling ass away from me. The Color Purple was good but, come on!"
by bilaljoy May 27, 2007
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For a game of pool, when the white ball goes into the hole
"Dude, did you just wobble?"
"Do you mean scratch?"
by TreeMeLee November 30, 2015
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When a girl is fine as f*ck and you want to tell her that without sounding like a total douche
"hey that girl is sexy!"
"bro watch this... Hey baby! Wobbling Wobbling!"
by Maurice69XD November 29, 2011
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A member of the once-powerful syndicalist union, the Industrial Workers of the World. They are in favour of revolutionary unionism and see authoritarian control (such as bosses and politicians) as oppressive. Many wobblies subscribe to some form of anarchism.
The wobbly was outnumbered at the meeting by liberals who prefered to work with the bosses instead of in opposition to them.
by Gwen July 25, 2003
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The alternative spelling of Weebl used for MTV and the upcoming dvd. Used to prevent copyright lawyers kicking down on Jonti Pickings ass.
"Wobbl and Bob, looking for some pie based action"

"I like weebl-sorry wobbl- because he gives me Pie"
by RussianAlien November 28, 2004
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