1. a situation where you're dating a girl who isn't as attractive as her much, much, much, much younger sister.

2. derived from the movie of the same name, having relations with a woman while lusting after the little sister you can't have due to age.
My life is The Color Purple right now. My girlfriend's sister is hot, but I can't do anything because she isn't 18 yet
by Tyrone Grizz July 4, 2010
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1) another way of saying ur guilty
2) calling yourself out in a guilty manner
Judge: The jury has reached a verdict. How do you plead?
Defendant: Man fuck you, I ain't tellin you shit!
Judge: So ur guilty?
Defendant: Man, why don't you just hurry up and color me purple! Everybody knows I'm guilty.
by Mickeal Burdine May 19, 2008
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When you want the conversation to have a nice bow tied at the end and you're not sure how to end it.
"I have a cool car"
"Oh what kind of car is it?"
"A Maserati and it goes real fast"
"Well... color me purple."
by bbwwoo June 9, 2024
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