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The sound of the bass at a rave or techno club. wob-wob-wob-wob
man i still cant hear anything he had that wob turned up..
or he had the wobble turned up
by D-mac423 March 18, 2009
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You're my wob! We are WOB! WOB POWER (Start workout...)
by BlueGiraffe March 12, 2015
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Christmas. Comes from the first suggestion when you try to enter 'xmas' into a text on a phone with T9.
by naranjito February 15, 2009
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It stands for: Way Off the Boat... as contrast to Fob = fresh off the boat.

An immigrant or Fob that has been living in a country they have migrated to for a significant amount of time, meaning he/she has been WAY off the boat. Enough to speak their language almost fluently, and very well assimilated and aware of their culture, trend and interests, yet still retaining that of their native ones. With this, Wobs are able to fit in nicely with both social clicks of their native Fobs and that of the new country.

All Wobs were once Fobs. But not all Fobs will be able to become Wobs if they don't branch out to other people outside of their native culture/click.
20 years ago when Anson immigrated here, he was a Fob. But for the past 10 years, Anson is gradually becoming more and more of a Wob. Yeah, on Friday night, he is going to get boba milk tea with his fob friends and hanging out at a Karaoke lounge before attending a Jay Chou concert. On Saturday night, he will be going to a Jane's Addiction show with American co-workers and then ending the night playing pool and beer pong at the pub afterwards.
by Yang Out w/ my Wang out October 17, 2011
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Wob (see also "whuab" and "wub") is the main vocal sound of the electronic/techno genre "Dubstep".

Wob is to dubstep as speech/language is to human beings.
The cow goes: Moo.
The sheep goes: Baaa.
by Percival Sweetwater II August 12, 2011
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Wob is a word used to describe a sick dubstep track with a ridiculous amount of dirty wobble.

Not to be used for any old song..
guy 1: "Mate, can you put some wob on?"
guy 2: "Yeh, I'll fish out Skreams 'in for the kill' on vinyl - classic tune"
guy 1: "amazing."
by aguynamedguy December 30, 2010
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A wob is a rude word that shouldn't be used in the presence of children. It can be used instead of a bleep or a screech to drown out a naughty word that is used.
You are such a silly wob.
oh my you are such a wob.
by wobiliciousbantasoarusrex December 08, 2014
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