When a ghetto white girl tries to fit in and uses mera wo to get their attention but ends up saying “hey woAH
by nicky;3; November 3, 2019
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its an overused dead meme wich was never be funny or will be
woah Woah W o a h W O A H *WOAH* *W O A H*
examples for the woah meme

woah is an expression of excity, fear and heart ache
by PalmasKotstube :D October 25, 2017
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The act of driving a 5 ton semi-freight loader tuck into an orphanage while doing bad karaoke to the song "highway to hell" by AC/DC
Guy 1: what ever happened to Micheal?

Guy 2: he went to jail for hitting the woah bruh
by GhostyBoi666 February 1, 2020
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an expression to coincide with something truly bad or egregious
did you hear that 7th grade band?? Their music was too hard!! It sounded like “woah fuck
by toasted_ac February 28, 2023
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A common mispronunciation of " OwO " which is an emote used by the furry community and sometimes the anime community.
My sorry excuse of offspring keeps saying Oh Woah, what is an Oh Woah?
by TheSerperiorMaster May 21, 2022
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