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A special blend of the cannabis plant, the two strands used to make Wizzard are Creeper mids, and Fire mids. The creeper and fire strand is indigenous to the Pittsburgh suburbs. Wizzard was crafted by a young botanist who is also working on a special blend that will remain unnamed. Yo itz dat Wizzard.
Person A: this is some good weed must be dat creeper.

Person B: Nahh cuz its dat creeper wit da fire.

Person A: O snap im smokin dat Wizzard.
by The Botanist September 14, 2007
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An individual who urinates themself while they sleep after experiencing an extended evening of consuming alcohol.
“Hey do you know how Tony’s a wizzard?”
“Yeah didn’t he pee while he was sleeping on the couch?”
by 69WeenieBoy69 February 16, 2018
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adjective, synonymous with brilliant or excellent. Somewhat archaic,stereotypically used by bespectacled nerdy english teenagers in the 1970's and 80's.
"That new chopper is wizzard!"

"Slade are wizzard!"

"the Yorkshire ripper isn't very wizzard"
by Duncan Parker May 18, 2005
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A slightly more not shit version of an indie. A Wizzard tends to wear more alternative clothing such as towel shirts and $4 new shoes. The female version of a Wizzard is known as a Pirate. Angry Wizzards have been known to be called Rhyno's and proffesional Wizzards are known as Jedi.
No way! He's a Wizzard. He's to shit for water.
by Big_bear_rocket February 04, 2011
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