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Britney Spears evil twin. Sleeps with every guy in town, get's so drunk that she throws up on your car, fondles girls, marries and get's a divorce withing a week, and may not be so inexperienced with drugs. But Britney is not like that, NOOOOOOO... She's a sweet innocent girl who goes to church every sunday, tells young girls not to have sex before marriage, and she EVEN got dumped by Justin (that bastard! How could he!).. While Slutney is the one who exposes her photogenic parts (breasts and pussy) and makes a scene every week just so she can sell more copies. Of course everyone prefers Slutney over Britney.
Parent: It's so sad that every girl wants to be like that ho Slutney Spears.
Slutney fan: Why do everyone hate Slutney? She's so freakin cool damn it!
by wizzard January 31, 2005

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A stand-alone all purpose answer to almost any question. Also a political stance, and a great way to finish off a sentence.
How are you? I'm Good nstuff.
How do you feel about Bush? nstuff.
What is your stance on the death of innocent masodonian alcave beavers? nstuff.
by Wizzard June 05, 2004

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1. A spelling of Britney Spears used by people how are either too "grown up" to admit that they actually like her music and in secret listen to it all the time, or
2. used by people who don't want to be associated with her or her so called "music", but still listen to it in secret, or
3. used by people who can't spell but still listen to her music in secret and dream of her all day long.
1. I can't believe young people listen to crap like that Britany Spears (drool).
2. This Britany Spears you're talking about, who is she (more drool)?
3. Britany Spears suck balls! (even more drool)
by wizzard February 01, 2005

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1. A nickname, not completely uncalled for, given to the often underappreciated and highly talented singer Christina Aguilera, who's dressing style and so called "dance steps" (read strip-tease show and softporn acting), along with her dirrty lyrics and tons of makeup on her otherwise pretty face has led people to descibe her in this non-flattering fashion.

2. To be overtly sexual in an ugly, dirty, over-the-top sort of way, making you look more or less uglylera-like.
1. Britney fan: I hate that damn stupid bitch Uglylera!!!!!!! Christina Uglylera sucks!!
Me: Ok, uglylera may look like a crack whore but she sure can sing.
J-lo kid: But she and Britney totally ROCKS!!!
2 Cool: I beg to differ. Of the three, I'd definitely choose Uglylera over J-ho and Slutney. It's incredible that she's even mentioned in the same sentence as these wannabe losers. I mean... she's got more talent than all the sellout has-beens of the music industry combined.
Me: Hear hear.

2. "Look at that! How uglylera can you be?"
"Ok, But will PLEASE throw out the uglylera fashion on your way out will you?"
"That's so uglylera of you."
"Ugly, uglier, uglylera..."
"That girl sure is one crazy uglylera skank ho."
by wizzard January 31, 2005

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one outstanding man
that WiZzArD is a pimp
by WiZzArD December 07, 2003

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