When a man or woman farts but it sounds silent. Usually from having too much butt sex.
Eric: *Wisp*
Justin: Did you just wisp?!?!?!
Eric: Sorry I had gay butt sex last night with Nathan.
Justin: Oh.
by NathanJG123 January 26, 2013
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Someone stealthy and sneaky. Unnoticable. Like a wisp of smoke, if someone is known as a "wisp" they usually have the skills of a master-ninja.
Dude, did you see that ninja? He was totally a wisp!

Hey, check out this move I learned, I think it may put me at wisp status.
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"A wisp is how someone wist a wisp qould say wisp"

"Biggus Dickus isa verwy good fwiend"
by Mike Big Hock September 11, 2019
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When a fringe is too long, and brushed to the side, the section that flicks up. The most fucking annoying fringe to tame and maintain.
Omg, What's with the wisp? Cut your fringe already.
It's there forever, don't you understand.
by Stacey and Teresa May 23, 2008
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A cross between a wuss and a wimp.
Shawn: C'mon Monica, let me pinch you.
Monica: Um, no.
Shawn: Wow Monica, you're such a wisp.
by Shawny Bizzle May 21, 2008
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a wonderful tool, used to brush teeth. though, it is much more than merely brushing teeth. has a bead at the center of the brush that squirts a delightful minty burst into your mouth. just an all round fabulous mechanism. can also be used in verb form, as in "wisping".
"Did you see that wisp the blonde had? It was spectacular!" -Sally

"Wisping is what I do in my free time; I usually wisp at a crisp pace." -Tom
by WispingAway April 03, 2011
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a wannabe emo (weemo). this person will tend to cut themselves and post pictures of their "cuts" on myspace, have internet boyfriends, post bulletins about needing their blade/cutting feels so good, make their whole "about me" section about their cutting and how "hard" their lives are when in truth they couldn't have it easier. these people also say they want to be "non-conformist" so that's why they aren't preppy, but in reality they are very conformist to each other. Most of the time they are lesbian/gay/bi. What freaks. WISP stands for wallowing in self pity or a combo of wimp and wuss.
Person 1-look at that wisp
Person 2-ugh how gay.
by hollisterlove November 03, 2008
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