A person who pretends to be wise or knowledgeable.
Ainsley: Kenneth thinks he knows everything! He's such a wisenheimer.
Morgan: Why do you hang out with him?
by Babydoll75 April 02, 2019
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Someone who thinks they are smarter than everyone else. Similar to know-it-all.
Jace is such a wisenheimer, don't invite him.
by Sonny Boi November 08, 2015
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Someone who thinks he or she is smarter than everyone else.
hey bro your wrong again haha
stop being such a Wisenheimer
by NAMEDEFINERPRO111 May 20, 2017
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Someone who makes smart aleck, sarcastic comments, often at inappropriate times and usually at someone else's expense.
"Don't smart off to your mother, you little wisenheimer."
by JDunning January 12, 2009
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Someone always making feeble wisecracks, who laughs at his/her own jokes and is generally deserving of severe and painful punishment.
That guy is up there thinking we are all listening to his puerile crap, such a wisenheimer.
by sevenhn February 17, 2006
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a wise ass, generally a nebbish male trying to get over with a humorous, but usually feeble attempt to make someone else the butt of the joke. Wisenhemiers are usually called out and decsribed as such.
youz a f'in wisenheimer and you're gonna end up wit yer dick in yer mouth.
by snappy's February 02, 2008
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