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A Windows-based system that is used only for gaming, whose user prefers a REAL Unix-based operating system (often some distribution of Linux or, more often, Mac OS X) for their serious work.
'Dude, that system's not even good enough to be a Wintendo. Throw it away and buy a new one.'
by Taylor R April 20, 2007
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1. Any version of Windows used only to play PC games.
2. An older version of Windows.
1. No mang I use Ubuntu. I only play Counter Strike on my Wintendo.
2. You're still using Wintendo? Dude, get Windows XP Pro.
by iXneonXi April 11, 2007
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an operating system which uses more RAM than the typical system and automatically installs Microshaft's own Internet Expirer browser on your system, then won't allow you to remove it, thus allowing Bill Gates to view your system personally. It also self-upgrades, thus taking up your memory with Borg implants. Did I mention that some versions uninstall all non-MS products? Also expect to view the blue screen of death at least once a day, sometimes twice.
by Xyzzy February 08, 2004
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