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friend. Though its origins are widely disputed, it is a British word, brought over to Australia by the convicts, then some Kiwi tourist stole it.
England: "This is John, he's my mate."
Australia: "G'day mate!"
Kiwiland: "YOUR MY MATE?!!!!!!!!111!1!1!111!!"
by Taylor R August 18, 2005
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The rules, laws, and systematic workings of mothers. Comes from mother and government.
"So can you go to the concert?"
"No, the motherment made it illegal."
by Taylor R September 26, 2005
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New Zealand. The country that tries to be Australia and stole the word mate from our vocabulary.
DID YOU KNOW: The only good thing NZ did was LOTR. And you know that.
by Taylor R August 18, 2005
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An Australian "band", or perhaps an excuse for a "band". They grab the music from other songs, such as The Knack's My Sharona and Elvis Costello's Pump it Up, and put their own crappy words over it.
The singer, Natalie Bassingwhaite, sounds terrible live.
(worded over My sharona)
Rogue Traders singer: "I see you, watching me, watching you..."

Me: "ARGFHQWHGADS! It's those damn Rogue Traders again, ripping off other people's songs!
by Taylor R April 8, 2006
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An Australian radio network, broadcasting in the following states:
# Nova 96.9 Sydney (96.9 MHz) - started April 2001
# Nova 93.7 Perth (93.7 MHz) - started November 2002 (first new commercial station in 22 years)
# Nova 106.9 Brisbane (106.9 MHz) - started August 2004
# Nova 91.9 Adelaide (91.9 MHz) - started August 2004 (first new commercial station in 20 years)

They play shitty pop music, which is bad most of the time. They also claim to never play more than 2 ads in a row. They make up for this by playing more 2 ads. And more and more and more.

Nova can also be an adjective for "shitty pop music".
"That's so nova!"

"Never more than 2 ads in a row here on Nova"
by Taylor R July 8, 2005
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A word used in Domino's Pizza advertising in Australia for their Puffection crusts, meaning "wicked, cool, the ultimate". The word is rarely used in such a context, even in Australia, and if someone does use it in such a context, they are considered either fag or bogan.
As used in ads:
"Oh man, this pizza's puff!"
"Yeah, so puff!"

As used in real life:
"Oh man, this pizza's puff!"
"Get outta here, you faggotish bogan."
by Taylor R March 23, 2006
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An animated band from the UK. Its fictional members are 2-D (singer), Murdoc (bassist), Russell (drummer), and Noodle (guitarist). The real people? Damon Albarn (who became famous with Blur's Song 2) and Jamie Hewlett (does the animation, known for Tank Girl. Its genre? That's arguable. Most songs feature a short, repeated chorus with a large rap section (examples: Feel Good Inc. and Clint Eastwood. However, some of their songs are completely away from this genre, featuring more rock stylings (examples: White Light and Kids With Guns. They call themselves "Zombie Hip Hop".
They were "pop", thus causing a number of noobs to download only 3 songs of theirs from the Internet. Only the true fans bought the new album, Demon Days, which features darker songs, such as Last Living Souls and All Alone.
Their new advertising campaign is called "Reject False Icons". The idea? Reject pop singers as false icons, and respect true icons, such as themselves.
Actually have NOTHING to do with the animal gorilla. Some say they are drawn to look slightly monkey, some say they are monkeys. Neither are true.
The animation is the key part. I can't describe it in words.... just see the animation!

Gorillaz: Windmill, windmill for the land, turn forever hand in hand
by Taylor R April 16, 2006
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