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One who can not drive in the snow covered roads. Tends to drive a 2WD vehicle and tires may be near bald. This person may also be commonly found in a ditch, or sliding into another car.

You can also spot these people with a layer of ice and snow still on the car while driving.
Sorry I'm late to work today. Some wintard tried to pass me, spun out and hit another car. I had to stop.
by Slacker1357 February 12, 2013
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A derogatory term referring to persons that exclusively use and/or recommend Microsoft products and services such as Windows, Office, Exchange, IIS, .NET, etc. usually to the total exclusion of cheaper and better non-Microsoft alternatives.
Wintards are signified by their ignorance of and prejudice against any computer technology that is not produced from Redmond, WA, USA.
by rapskat August 17, 2005
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One attending The Winston School in Dallas, TX. While Wintards are not fully retarted they are generally socially inept. Aslo most have some form of ADD or dyslexia.
Wow, look how stupid that Wintard is.
by Mr.Francko January 27, 2009
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One who uses Microsoft Windows and or any Microsoft products.

wintard(ation) - A disease, deadly.

wintard(ed) - Like Windows users, this term refers to someone who is generally retarded.
You are wintarded.
You're such a wintard.
Let's get wintarded.
by Paul December 01, 2004
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