Constantly in trouble, always fly as hell. Everyone either loves them or hates them.

Center of attention...Pretty Damn Funny Too.

WAY better than those bitch ass Russians.
Oh Shit, That kid is most def a winstead
by akdjfghrt February 04, 2010
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Someone who is ultimately betrayed by someone they thought loved them.
Johnathons girlfriend cheated on him, so he felt like a Winstead.
by JTwinstead April 16, 2019
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a person who is usually short and is overcocky about sports and thinks they're the best at every single one. but everyone just puts the person back in his/her place by showing how shitty they are. Also they think theyre the hottest thing around but girls usually just date them because they're desperate to see a little pee-wee
dude your a winstead at sports..shuttup jeesh
by Deathchimp October 22, 2008
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Man the Postafanaryism is just like Carmen Winstead
by The realist 22 January 08, 2009
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A young boy or ghost that is maybe true or maybe false no one knows he elegidly died from girls pushing him into a sewer and he died the giris said he fell

Carmen made a voice message that said this information if you recieve that voice message send it to 15 people and he will spare your life.

Believe it or not
Hey did u hear Carmen Winstead in that msg

Ye but it's bs

5 mins later

He dead
by xXRAGEXx June 26, 2020
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Mary elizabeth winstead, a very beautiful young actress she has acted in final destination 3, sky high, death proof, live free or die hard, Make it happen and many more movies.

She is not only beautiful but also very talented dancer and actor. She truly deserves to be in more international films.
Girlfriend: You are dumping me, how can you? i am so perfect.

Boyfriend: You are mistaking dear, you are no Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
by Theunknownwriter January 19, 2010
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An actress who has been in movies such as Bobby, Sky High (the best), Black Christmas, and Make it Happen. She's totally smoking hot and has an awesome rack.
I heard Andrew had a thing for Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She's awesome!
by AndrewRoss January 27, 2008
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