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An infamous Surf Break in Victoria named after the slang used for having sex.

A term used when something is unplanned and is so good it makes you almost pop with happiness and excitement, like a small child on Christmas day.
Winkipop = unexpected happiness and can prefix any number of words to show this.
Winkipop adventure
Winkipop money
Winkipop present
Winkipop bubble
Winkipop is a nice, easy wave to ride.
Arthur and Martha have gone to have a Winkipop.
Katherine and Jolene went on a Winkipop adventure to the big city.
Katherine and Jolene found $50 which they are going to use as Winkipop money
Katherine stopped on the way home from work and bought Jolene a Winkipop present.
Katherine and Jolene would like to live in a Winkipop Bubble where rude and angry people along with everyday problems cannot get in.
by hunnypants32 February 17, 2010
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another word for irish dancing.
It also can be used as an insult for an idiot.
Kate: OMG did you see clares irish dancing photos on the interenet.
Lara: Nope
Kate: Omg you are such a winkipop!
by polarrrbear June 26, 2010
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