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Actually derived from the word Windmill.

One that does not blow through life, but cruises like a gentle breeze,

Always moving forward and giving of themselves.

Not full of themselves.

Gracious winner--- with a free spirit changing direction with the winds.

One who has many interests and is interesting.

Windle is a provider of the life giving substances, WATER, and ENERGY.

A friend of the earth, animals, and people.

A lover of ALL the arts and nature.

A grounded, truth telling person with exceptional creativity, talent, and magnetism.

All people are attracted to Windle's in the same way that they are attracted to water, moving clouds, and sunshine.

A person who upon entering a room brings a breath of fresh air.
Oh I just love him, he is such a good guy...down to earth, smart, funny.

He is really natural and himself. He's such a Windle.
by girliegirlwithtwins September 26, 2013
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A sexually niave person, easily confused and/or duped by smutty and lued inmuendo, made during general group banter
Gavin: “Hey Charlotte, were you tea bagging last night when you working late in the office with Stu?”

Charlotte: “No, the kettle’s broke and my mug is chipped

Gavin: “You’re such a windle, Charlotte”
by rdjm01 May 17, 2018
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