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A small city in Oregon, a suburb of Portland.
The Wilsonville High School is one of the best schools in the state, and the other schools are fine. It is an ok place to be; an ok place to grow up in. If you're one of those stupid people who choose to screw themselves and disgrace the city thats fine by me, but if you are serious and honest, and know how to get along fine, then all is well. It was a small comfortable town before all these projects made it big and somewhat horrible. It's still a pretty small place, the schools are really small, same with stores. If you have grown up there, you might understand how I feel about the place; it is my home, my town, my community; and I'm proud of it.

Seriously, look past all the shit people say about Wilsonville. Some of it is true, but there is some good to the city. Don't be such haters.
Person 1) Hey, where do you live?
Person 2) Oh, I live in Wilsonville.
Person 1) Man, that hicky town?
Person 2) I don't see it that way, dude. Back off...
by betti-jane007 March 30, 2011
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its a kinda small city fill with stones there are snobby rich people that are dicks but even most of them smoke also there's nothing to do except smoke and right now the chillest spot to hang is at subway but hardly no one does it because the cops are dicks in wilsonville
were are we gunna meet the dealer, well not around subway in wilsonville
by pocket's August 23, 2009
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This small town, named after a mailman in the late 16th century, is located in oregon. It's a stuck up town of goody tooshoos rich fuckers and stoners who drive trucks. we have a costco, and a thriftway. it has been known to sell rotten watermelon to unsuspecting students who attend the local university, university of willyville. or, U-DUB for short.

the local hangout spot is the parking lot inbetween tacobell and wendys. it is a magical spot filled with magic and wonder. and weed.

its all about the weed. no insano hardcore drugs. just weed. and some alcoholics... but mostly weed.

it has been known to have some "dank ass shit" in wilsonville. the locals will all agree.

there is an old insanasylum which has been abandoned and is now being converted into housing. local school age children priviously explored in damish and had some sweet times. now all they have, since the renovation of damish, is to go check out the "hobo shack" and the dead body which is found alongside a creekbed in the sketchier side of town. the hobo shack is pretty skecth too, but has less dead bodies. mostly hobos. which don't count as people.

wilsonville is a bit of a shithole. there isnt much to do. but you can drive places and its pretty awesome. or just get baked. or get drunk. we know how to do it in wilsonville
hey yo im going to hang out in wilsonville because im a douche and i hate my life.
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A suburb of Portland full of stoners and whores, a waste of time, a useless city full of useless people.
Dude where do you live?
Uhh I live in Wilsonville...
Oh, that's useless... stoner.
by AT... October 06, 2008
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A fucking gay-ass town full of fags and fiends. All of the kids try to act like they're from the city, but they really have no idea what the people from the city are like. They all want to act and say they are poor, I guess they think its cool. Damn those fags love to wear plain colored tall-tees with long-ass white tees underneath. On top of all of that they have nothing better to do than smoke weed and listen to dubstep. If they get money they spend it on drugs, and if they see money they want to take it to buy hardcore drugs. Those fags will refuse to go to school and will smoke weed, and let their no-future life rot away.
Ayy bro wanna go be bros and smoke some fat bowls, go to school for a bit then dich school and smoke some more, then go hang out in Wilsonville?
by ASBCQW February 20, 2011
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