Before eating a woman out, take one of your favorite candy bars and put it inside of her vagina. Tell her to walk around for 10 minutes and then enjoy two of your favorite things together, vagina and candy bars.
(Do not actually do this...it is a health risk)
Jimmy enjoyed a Willy Wonka with his girlfriend.
by Matthew Glick October 14, 2007
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while having an intercourse there is a shortage of condoms,you use a choclate bar wrapper for protection of the penis and the the victim (slut,girl friend,nurse,mum,friends mum etc) having a baby.
" bob did it willy wonka styles last night."
by homestar November 17, 2004
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Covering yours/partners dick in Willy Wonka melted chocolate. Can make a chocolate fountain if you cum at the right time. Nice mix of spunk n choc
Lick my Spunklate Willy Wonka Surprise
by JC-BABY June 04, 2006
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It's when you bang a chick real hard, blow your load, then after you pull out she blows a bubble of jiz.
by Sanchez December 08, 2004
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giving head post-anal sex.... imagine if you will, a "chocolate-covered" cock
That bitch's ass was so loaded, that after I took her b-card, she left me with a willy wonka.
by Erikohn December 05, 2004
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