A slang term for a black person. It can be pronounced like 'choke' or 'chalk'. Choc, short for chocolate.
Man, those chocs keep coming to our city and its really pissing me off.

You hear about the choc that got hung from a tree in Mr. Smith's backyard?

Why do all the chocs play basketball...
by Jordan R April 1, 2006
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When someone is strange to there own choose cocky and acts like Logan Paul
by NaeNae❤️ May 4, 2018
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Zone of arousal.

Believed to be located way up the batty pipe of all practitioners of the appaling pastime of shit-stabbing poovery.
‘After receiving his Olympic gold medal. Daley Tom’s choc-clit also received a tickle from his husband’s shit streaked prick. ‘Before being fisted beyond function’
by Herbie Dongsporran October 14, 2021
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The one dude in every group, who used to be one crazy mother fucker, but is now a pussy who sits around, texts his new girl friend and steals your weed. Think the opposite of that austrian kid who had the crazy party.
He came over and just texted his girlfriend, smoked and left.
His friend came over too.

What a Choc.
Yeah definition of Choc Nuggets.

by Joe Cuff Cayemberg February 6, 2009
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The Choc Poc is a realm which only the bravest people can enter however only a handful of people will leave and be able to tell the story of what happened in there.
Science Teacher: The Choc Poc is split into many levels, the first is the entrance, the second is the Gas Level, the third is the Bread Level, the fourth is the Crackers, Rice and Cheese level, the fifth is the Banana Level, after that is the Ham Sandwich level which no human has ever passed. After the HS level is the Outer Core of the Choc Poc, the Fudge level then past that is the Inner Core of the Choc Poc, the Happy Hippo level.
by Oxogod December 11, 2018
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To "whoop on" (esp. those from Brooklyn) another person in just about anything. Extra points for trickin the Brook.
"I'm about to brook the choc on you, your definately not from Brooklyn."
by TXw34532 December 5, 2007
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