To be blueballed by someone who can’t unzip a zipper.
We were playing some Roblox and then I got willed.
by Degnevah July 10, 2019
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stubbornly self-willed; done on purpose, deliberate
You willfully submitted, even though you knew you would later regret it.
by ChloversTheFabtabulous May 25, 2014
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Willing: Verb, Noun, Adjective. A gay orgy involving homosexual men usually involving lube. Similar to Lemonparty.
John David participated in a "Willing"
by TNTUser1337 November 7, 2011
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He is very sexy and very good in bed. He have green or blue eye colour. He is very athletic and has a very big dick. He is very nice and you are very lucky if you know a Wille
Girl:Omg he is so hot
other girl: yeah i know hes name is Wille
by qwesitysq December 2, 2019
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someone who jacks off in the school bathroom and gets caught.
Connor walked in to the bathroom and met a wills.
by Searlesy August 27, 2003
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the best friend that a person could ever have, the hottest asian you will ever meet<3 could be cocky, and a douchebag but he's really sweet and you'll be glad to know him. you could tell him anything and he will totally help you with anything. a monstorous creature with a pet named grace kim.
"did you see wills over there?"
"yeah he's going hardcore with grace!"
by themamamamama December 31, 2011
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A name short for William. This guy is the most caring and sweetest guy in the world. His heart is bigger than beyond imaginable. He is someone who is always there to make you smile and is wonderful to his girlfriend and family. A most adorable and charming guy, he is definitely the world's most gorgeous looking guy! he's a keeper for life.
homie girl 1: "mmm... who dat over dere, he some fine pumpkin..."

homie girl 2: "oh gurl... you not met him 'fore. He's Wills the most lovable and amazing guy in the entire world"

homie girl1: "aahhh... now dat makes sense... he's got a fan of people following behind him... shall we trail?"
by Jiggy Peewee June 11, 2010
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