He is very sexy and very good in bed. He have green or blue eye colour. He is very athletic and has a very big dick. He is very nice and you are very lucky if you know a Wille
Girl:Omg he is so hot
other girl: yeah i know hes name is Wille
by qwesitysq December 2, 2019
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Wille is the kindest person ever he has a big open heart and will be a whole package to the marriage I hope you never let him go
Hey wille come back to pf change
by Whatsupgirlsss November 4, 2019
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He has a very big dick and hes very handsome, sexy and strong
Wille: hi sexy

Girl: do u want to fuck

wille: yes
by Tiktok = NordenW October 17, 2019
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He is a an asian guy who loves to say the n-word.
Dude! ur such a fucking wille!
by the stupid mexican guy November 21, 2019
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stubbornly self-willed; done on purpose, deliberate
You willfully submitted, even though you knew you would later regret it.
by ChloversTheFabtabulous May 24, 2014
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Willing: Verb, Noun, Adjective. A gay orgy involving homosexual men usually involving lube. Similar to Lemonparty.
John David participated in a "Willing"
by TNTUser1337 November 6, 2011
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someone who jacks off in the school bathroom and gets caught.
Connor walked in to the bathroom and met a wills.
by Searlesy August 27, 2003
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