Will to live - a reason for any given person to continue living as a working person in society
by Toasty the talking toast March 24, 2018
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Me: I have no will to live
Friend: Why?
Me: Because Fortnite players are everywhere I turn
Friend: Fair enough
by nabrU yranoitciD January 13, 2020
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The want to be alive, mostly lost after breakups, nasty fights on the Internet or Just losing it with out a reason.
Have you seen my will to live? I think i have lost it.
by ElectrodeYT January 6, 2017
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Something that you either have or don't have, I personally don't have it.
by Amos. September 14, 2020
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Will to live is a thought in our brain that begins to show up in our minds as soon as we enter kindergarten it is basically the gas of the human body as its what pushes us to keep going but it will slowly fade away as you get older. certain actions and events can cause the will to live to

Decrease at an accelerated rate and make the will to live disappear sooner then expected. activities that can cause the will to live to deteriorate at a rapid pace include browsing twitter for several days,browsing Tumblr for several days,browsing deviant art for several days, browsing the internet for several days involvement in modern day politics,realizing just how completely fucktarded the human race is, watching the emoji movie,watching the ghostbusters 2016 reboot, realizing that people defended Netflix's cuties, realizing that the phrase "there's more good in the world then bad" is a load of horseshit, watching Lilly singh, watching amy schumer, and watching a Disney live action remake these are just a few examples of what can cause the will to live to suddenly cease to exist in our brains and as time goes on it will eventually become non existent
I have officially lost my will to live there's no hope for humanity at this point.
by Sharkbyte15 October 14, 2020
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It is the first thing we are given when entering this world... And it is the last thing we can possibly loose.

It is what keeps us functioning. It's why i wake up every morning.

It's power source can come from a large or small variety of different things that vary, for example, from joy from living, to living to protect a loved one, to living to take revenge on someone, to living to improve the world etc...

If you loose the will to live you are dead inside and, in many unfortunate cases, physicall death doesn't take long to come after. Luckily, lost doesn't mean gone, so there is still hope to find a lost will to live.
I think there is a good reason we are born with a will to live. Obviously, we are meant to want to live, so always fight to keep this will.
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Live a Live is a squaresoft RPG released on Septemeber 2 of 1994 and then, unoficially translated in English, is well known for it's interesting mechanics and gameplay aswell the incredible and outstanding music made by Yoko Shimomura, the same person who composed music for games like Kindgdom Hearts, and the later entries of Mario & Luigi RPG.
RPG Player No.1: Man, i've been playing some old Final Fantasy games on my SNES, i wish to have something like that
RPG Player No.2: You should play Live A Live!, it's one of the most obscure games in the RPG genre, aswell one of the good games that Square made when they didn't fucked up by combining with Enix
RPG Player No.1: Seems good, i'll try it later.
by Live A Live June 18, 2015
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