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A crazy, funny old man who lived in La Canada Flintridge, California. He was always drunk and hung out at the bus stop. People loved when he rode the bus after school and always had a few choice words about what people are wearing, politics, government, school, and his life.He loved Star Wars and always pretended he was Darth Vader. He sadly passed in October 2011 across the street from La Canada High School in Hahamongna Park. We will all miss hi, and he was the greatest thing in La Canada... Rip Bill.
Guy #1:"Did you see Wild Bill today?"
Guy #2:"Oh god ya, he was drunk and pretending to have a light saber battle with a straw from Mc Donalds!"
Guy #1:"Oh Bill!"
by wetzelspretzels October 19, 2011
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a crazy, liberal, old man (usually a teacher). likely to go on long off-topic rants about either liberal politics or economics.
"Wow, we asked a question about the Continental Congress and he went on a twenty minute rant about Perry!"

"Well, that's Wild Bill for you..."
by bigschlomo September 25, 2011
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she gave him a 'wild Bill" he'll never forget.

(so dubed in honor of B.Clinton
by Micki Kaplan October 17, 2003
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a place frequented by male patrons intent upon picking up any form of ass, often characterized by a sapped pussy market and local-yokel nut hustlers
Player A:Wild Bills tonight?
Player B:Naw I stopped goin there after Als Anal Emporium opened up downtown.
by douche March 21, 2004
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a super badass mt bachelor bus driver who is like 80 and drives at least 70 in ice

opposite of mean gene whois an asshole
i hope wild bills driving today
by ryan kuczek October 04, 2004
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A monster hunting marine from Appalachians who builds traps and shouts 90% of the time. Can usually be heard shouting "HOORAH!!!"
"He's such a Wild Bill."
by SoulSlayer2015 April 18, 2018
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