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A Wikkan, is a person who practices a neo-pagan nature based religion. Contextually there is no difference in a Wikkan verses a Wiccan, except that in spelling. Wica, as it was spelled (perhaps mis-spelled) by Gerald Gardner is a modern reconstruction of ancient traditions and acient faith practices, although fairly modern in its new form. The various spellings differ based on location, liguistic translations, culture and tradtion. It is more common in Western societies to adapt to the anglo-saxon spelling "Wiccan", wheras other more European socieites adopt "Wikkan." There is often debate about the origin of the precursors "wic" verses "wik", both of which have had various meanings in differet societial constructs, such as "to bend and to twist", from which we get "wicker" and "wicked" and "wise one" such as derived from the term "vicor" and the precursor "vic." Also, it is possible that the Hwice tribe has had influenced the linguistic term known as either Wicca or Wikka today. Both are correct, depending upon locality, tradition, and culture. Also there are other varient spellings of this faith, worldwide.
"I am a Wikkan because I try to intune with the nature of the world, and the Gods."
by wolf24232423 October 21, 2007
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used to describe someone who spends many hours on Wikipedia, believing that it is a supreme source of knowledge. this person almost believes Wikipedia is God's word on Earth.
That kid, Josh, is such a wikkan. His profile says he has thousands of posts and over 2000 hours online.
by anthony pazo June 04, 2007
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