This is when a person spreads open their legs very very far. This is typically done on a wall or on a object (i.e. desk, table, lamp, see saw). You can also use this to describe a person or an object that looks like a person that has their legs wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeee open.
That person over yonder is very widespread

OMG she is so widespread

WTF that lamp is so widespread
by Uxmal Definitions Inc. March 20, 2017
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heaven; funkin' wagnall; blast off 2004; tatered; beanland; dance station central; best time of your life...
Widespread Panic are the best good time party subculture band in my opinion.

I'm a spreadhead
by Alecs Cook August 31, 2003
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Any situation where you are legs and/or cheeks akimbo and feel sudden terror, for example:

- you are getting fucked by the gardener when your psychopathic mobster husband comes home early

- the shit you are taking is so wide, long and dry you fear it might split your ring open and/or drag out some colon with it

- two guys hold you bent over a table while a third kicks your legs open in preparation for the gang that's about to ass rape and possibly kill you

- the glass jar you put up your ass for a sexual thrill suddenly breaks under the pressure
Dude have you seen one guy, one jar? Now THAT'S widespread panic.
by Mr. Cardboard October 30, 2011
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An event involving a gal's offering easy access to her "fun zone" by lying back on da bed with her legs broadly apart.
Hearing dat I was lonesome, da cute waitress at da corner-diner promised me a "widespread occurrence", but then instead of having sex with me, she just gave me a foot-long roll with mayonnaise liberally applied to its inner surfaces! What a letdown!!!
by QuacksO May 02, 2021
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