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The most vile, disgusting type of shit one can take. Often experienced after eating raw chicken or unrefrigerated Taco Bell leftovers. My be semi-liquid to foamy in consistency, and can range in color from orange-yellow to dark brown. The distinguishing characteristic of a Wicked Shit is the stench which is far more putrid and pervasive than that of a normal dump. The smell is often compared to that of a liquefied corpse, with hints of decomposing plant matter. Oftentimes the scent lingers for days following defecation, and may trigger allergy symptoms or asthma attacks.
I made the mistake of eating my roommate's tacos he left on the table from yesterday so I just took a Wicked Shit. Now I need to get ahold of my parents and let me see if I can stay at their house till the smell clears.
by Juggah8r666 February 25, 2014
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Whenever making a congratulatory remark, this is what you say. Made popular by Kamala Harris when she and Joe Biden won the presidency.
Sam: Wow, I can’t believe we just won that relay race!
Cat: we did it Joe 😭😭
by Zozogabobo December 04, 2020
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The background of the wicked shit didn't start with ICP but with Esham The wicked clowns, ICP, used the wicked shit to spread the word of the Dark Carnival. Esham The Boogie Man taught the two the "secrets" of the wicked shit and helped them get the underground cred they needed. The wicked shit is what is flowed from any underground hardcore rapper or rocker. Psychopathic Records seem to have collected the best at using the wicked shit. Esham, Blaze, ICP, ABK, and Twiztid. The wicked shit was used to "hide" the message of the Dark Carnival being GOD, since not many of the juggalos or juggalettes would have followed them he they dropped the hatchets and gats.
Now we been told this Carnival shit has touched on many lives
People have fuckin sworn to us they too can feel it inside
What is it that draws you in? This magic that compels you?
We've been waiting six fuckin Joker Cards to finally tell you
The messages and hints were there, although, most never picked up on em
We snuck em in subliminally with that wicked shit around em
We mentioned more and more of this on every Joker's Card
The bottom line, always the same, you ain't have to look hard
We wickedly kick it, inflict it, you get it, get wit it, and then we don't preach it flat out
'Cause some ninjas don't wanna get wit 'cha
They quick to forget 'cha without the hatchet and gat out
So we rose the hatchet, do or die, now Juggalos standing tall
After all six have risen, the end of time will consume us all!
It ain't got nothin to do wit us! It ain't Psychopat-chic Records!
All we're doing is pointing shit out to you; We in this together!
Who's behind the Dark Carnival, the Gatherings, and the Hatchet?
Who's behind Dark Lotus, the circus, and everybody at it?
Who invented Juggalos, and Juggalettes, and fucking Faygo showers?
What about that feeling you get when bumpin' our shit? Who's behind the Juggalo Powers?
This ain't no fucking fan club! It ain't about making a buck!
Don't buy our fucking action figures, bitch, I don't give a fuck!
It ain't about Violent J, or Shaggy, the Butterfly, or 17
When we speak of Shangri-La, what you think we mean?!
Truth is, we follow GOD! We've always been behind Him
The Carnival is GOD; May all Juggalos find him
by Juggalo Xtreme August 31, 2004
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wicked shit-Juggalo music. everywhere from esham and natas all the way to psychopathic records, strange records and many other underground artists of wicked shit, morbid rap like necro, horrorcore like king gordy, suicidalism like oldschool esham and it all originated from esham. esham is the only undisputed creator of our wicked shit. and anyone else who thinks he aint, listen to his shit like kkkill the fetus, words from hell, boomin words from hell, bruce whayne gotham city... it goes on and on. listen to that shit and then you will find out how much icp jocked off of esham. and idk who the hell wrote icp used wicked shit to hide the god part. screw you. icp uses wicked shit to reach all the down ninja's all over the world. everyone on psychopathic records and everyone spittin wicked shit does it for one reason. FOR THE WICKED SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MCLand P.S. you can't judge the carrer of a group over 15 years strong on one freakin song you sack of shit
Underground wicked shit

by bigdandshit June 16, 2008
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