Random Boner Attack: when one randomly gets a boner.
RBA's often come about while riding in the back seat of a car or in class. When someone goes to get up to do something and they have a visible bulge or are pitching a tent
by barefootundead August 24, 2009
This stands for Rape Bait Academy, a popular tumblr blog where girls who want to get raped go.
I think I'm going to join the RBA! I have always had consensual nonconsent fantasies!
by thatb.tchfae February 19, 2016
RBA is a term describing a person who drinks excessive amounts of the energy drink known as 'Red Bull'.

Can also describe the addiction to, as in 'I have an RBA (red bull addiction)'
'Damn, Brendon Urie sure is an RBA.'
by alyssa.er January 4, 2009
An acronym for Random Ball Ache, literally from nowhere pain is felt in the genitalia (male) area, this often leads to the necessity of a reshuffle or rearrangement of the aforementioned testicles to relieve the pressure.
Arrrrrrgh I have a serious case of the RBA's
by rawl1nzpetgorilla November 8, 2010
tucker got a boner after driving by the elementary school. He blamed it on RBA but we all no what happened.
by ihavaboner123 May 24, 2009
Real Badass; someone who constantly defies society's standards.
You stole candy from a baby? You're an RBA.
by Caroline RBA January 18, 2008
RBA (rotten box association)used to discribe a woman(s)vagina that has a foul smell. Originated in minto high school, Minto, north dakota
by schmidty December 4, 2004