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A group of drunk girls, either on the move or at a party/bar, whose high pitch squawkings feed off each other until they become a destructive force capable of annihilating ear drums, sanity, a good time, or any respect one may have had for them.

Whorenado chasers are guys who seek out whorenados in the hopes of taking one of the girls home after the whorenado has spent most of it's energy and has been downgraded to a "slutclone."
When those girls get together with a box of Franzia you can expect a whorenado on its way real soon.

Did you see that whorenado just blow into the bar? Those girls could barely stand.
by TarzanSD September 24, 2008
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Sometimes in life you and your boys need to go all out. Forget about the bars and the strip clubs. Go get a hotel room and pull out all the money you can out of the bank and drive to the south part of town and get as many whores as you can. Get a party bus if who need to. Once you have a hotel room full of drunk and naked whores getting busy and running around you my friend have created a Whorenado.
Damn Loud Pack its been a long ass week, what are you trying to get into? Shit, lets hit up Josh and Shane and hit the South Side and look for a flock of Heezies. Bro are you trying to do what I think you're trying to do? Yup, it's time for a Whorenado.
by Rosh507 July 13, 2017
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whore-nado (hawr nรกydล)
n (insult)

An offensive term for someone of questionable integrity, who will consume and destroy everything within range to obtain something for selfish motives.
"She's a slut, and a homewrecker. She's like a whore-nado, sucking everything in her path."
by YeNoch0209 October 15, 2009
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A woman who crashes into a man's life and totally decimates every area of it by sleeping with everyone but him, chasing off all family & friends, spending every nickel he makes, eventually leaving him in ruins, poor, and probably suicidal.
That whorenado got pregnant on purpose to marry him, then slept with his boss, cleaned out his bank account and left him owing child support.
by jucati April 21, 2006
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The name of an Upright Citizen's Brigade Harold team performing in New York. Established Spring, 2008.
Person 1: Did you go to Harold Night last night?
Person 2: Yeah; that Whorenado show was insane.
by Charna May 14, 2008
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In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Princess Peach's down smash, which can do upwards of 70% damage in one attack.
Peach players are all fat or gay, and they just spam whorenado all day long.
by Kyle Basik September 06, 2007
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Any attack in a fighting game that causes the opponent to be hit multiple times in extremely fast succession with often times being difficult to avoid for the opponent, while easy to pull off for the user. Often times these moves are deemed unfair, or 'noobish'
Meta Knight's Whorenado is such rape, it is one of the main reasons he is top tier.
by Rhed May 13, 2009
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