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A woman so devoted to being a whore, slut, cunt and or bitch that the persons genetic makeup changes to that of the "Whoreganism". Directly comparable to the single celled Amoeba, it easily swallows younger and less experienced sluts whole.
When multiple "Whoreganism" class females are in the same area, bystanders might feel the physical effects of the subtle underlying whore competition and claim to be victims of a "Whoreganized Assault".
Markus: "Hey look over there, its your ex-girlfriend!"
Bill: "Holy shit Markus, you spotted a whorganism!"

Jimbo: "Damn, that bitch is on my nerves."
Dean: "Its ok, in the end she is just another thirsty whoreganism"

Sarah: "Oh my god Madison look at that double headed jelly dong!"
Madison: "You are such a whoreganism Sarah, don't look in my closet!"

Eli: "Dude, what happened in there?"
David: "Some kind of whoreganized assault, don't look directly at it dude."
by diddlebait March 13, 2007
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