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A female you only intend on having sex with or securing a PLS from. This is the opposite of a girl you'd like to have a relationship with.
Stevie: "Yo did you ever call that girl?"
Kenny: "What girl, Stevie?"
Stevie: "That whorefish with the big fake tits"
Kenny: "Nah I'm hoping she'll PLS me after the AA meeting on Tuesday".
by Bruce Locatelli July 26, 2011
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a whore who looks like a cross between a horse *whoooooorse* and a fish.
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
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1) Usually blonde is their natural color but other species and types have been known to exist

2)a woman that sucks your soul completely out and stores it in her last parts

3)a woman that usually has an ass so large it scrapes the ground...either from excessive alcohol consumption, or from souls weighing it down...usually a combination of both

4)a woman that usually has pierced nipples

5)a woman that never loved a single man her entire life...even if she had her soul deficiency is so high she would have to destroy him anyway

6)a broke bitch that works at publix

7)a woman you will always hate but never get over loving her

8)a woman that if introduced by a friend you owe them
Your eternal hatred and lack of friendship for all time
by ShouldersBaby December 08, 2013
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Somebody who straight up doesn't know how to use grenades. Is sick 24/7. Has a terrible knife. Who gets clowned on. Whore. And a fish.
by stoopkid69 January 27, 2012
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