Where the color of your skin make all crime committed by you a minor offense.
Google up brockturner, white privileged His rape sentence was only sin months in jail. While other non white skin gets 10 to 15 years sentence.
by Dylan young September 13, 2017
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White privilege was demonstrated as the police parted like the Red Sea for the domestic terrorists storming the capital.
by Crazyplantlady January 7, 2021
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White Privilege isn't "your life is easy because you're white". White Privilege is "your life isn't made harder because of your white skin." No one is saying your life is easy and you don't have troubles, but unlike people of color, those troubles aren't BECAUSE of your whiteness.
"White Privilege is real and if you say it isn't, you're most likely white and ur mom's a hoe"
by sam2 April 9, 2019
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A term that explains how white people have societal privileges compared to their browner counterpart despite being in the same social class. This term is almost always dismissed by white people because of their privilege.
Jamal: "Yo Aiden, you got white privilege."
Aiden: "If I had white privilege I would be a millionaire."
Jamal: :"But you can walk down a white neighborhood without getting the cops called on you or without getting killed by overzealous neighbours. You are ten times more likely to be promoted and paid more than people of color"
Aiden: "I don't free passes just the other day I got a speeding ticket. I don't get free passes. If I did I would be rich. Jamal you're just being racist"
Jamal: "..."
by IknowcuzImwhite July 8, 2015
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See Also: Arrested US Capitol Rioter Jenna Ryan.
Texas realtor Jenna Ryan told CBS11 in Dallas she deserves a full pardon by Donald "Agent Orange" Trump after she was arrested and charged by the FBI during a national roundup of numerous insurrectionists. Example: I will be okay cause Daddy Trump will pardon me using my white privilege card.
by NEWYEARSAMEBS January 16, 2021
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When you describe the term "White Privilege" as being as offensive as the N-word.
Did someone honestly argue that White Privilege is as offensive as the N-word? That's the textbook definition of White Privilege.
by No Hemingway June 15, 2020
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The fact that white people may be at an advantage simply due to their skin colour than a non-white person with the same intellect, qualifications etc. It is worth noting that this is not a justification for the racism against white people collectively, but rather highlights that existence of a systematic, institutionalised racial hierarchy that is able to deprive non-white people from seizing opportunities that they rightfully deserve simply because of their complexion. White privilege does not mean that it is acceptable to hate white people, nor that white people must apologise for any achievements of theirs, nor that all non-whites deserve opportunities primarily before white people (this would be an example of racial privilege against whites).
"Brock Turner, who was arrested for rape, was released from prison after six months because of his good behaviour and the negative implications that a lengthier prison sentence would have on him as a young student."

"Don't other rapists normally get a longer, fairer sentence for the same crime?"

"Well... yes."

"MATE.... That's white privilege!"
by RacismDOESExists February 18, 2017
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