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a phrase that was created at Lakewood High School in Lakewood CA

if a girl is wearing white shorts, it is safe to assume that she takes it in the ass during sex.

any guy that sees a female wearing white shorts, has the right to scream "white shorts!" as loud as possible to let everyone in the area know she does.
walking down the street with the bros..
scope a fine group of girls and notice one with white shorts on
by c-well September 14, 2011
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When someone with a light skin complexion gets a tan while only wearing shorts. Now when your not wearing anything then it looks like your wearing white shorts because you didn't get a tan there.
I was outside all day in the sun I didn't use sun screen.
So when I got home I got undressed to take a shower,
but it looked like I was still wearing white shorts.
by Ryko Kold May 21, 2008
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