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1: A term used to describe pro-christian black metal bands like Crimson Moonlight and Bloodgood.
2: A term used by black metal elitists to describe anything that does not comply to their personal definition of 'tr00ness'
1: Crimson Moonlight are a good white metal band.
2: OMG WTF Borknagar & Satyricon are So FuckinG White MetAL!!!!!
by KharBevNor November 09, 2004
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White metal is generally used to describe a Christian Metal band. Examples of White Metal could include but not limited to Stryper, Zao (more Christian hardcore though). White Metal bands typically make references to the Christian faith, but this is rather vague, for example Bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Slayer, Mudvayne, etc make references to the Christian faith.
White Metalhead: "Dude check out this band, they totally rock!"
Metalhead: "What the fuck is this?"
White Metalhead: "It's Christian Metal! Doesn't praise to the fullest?"
Metalhead: "You mean White Metal? Get that shit out of my CD Player before scarifice you to Satan."
White Metalhead: "Err, sorry..."
Metalhead: "God damn bible beaters."
by solaceinsilence December 17, 2004
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Metal bands who put positive Christian references in their music. Such as, Demon Hunter, Disciple, As I Lay Dying, underOATH, Zao, and The Devil Wears Prada. Bands like, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir and Mudvayne, are not White Metal, Slayer expressly hate the Christian faith, and Dimmu Borgir is a Satanic BLACK Metal Band, most of their music consisting of references to Satan, black magic, pentacles, sacrafices etc. Bands like Evanescence, although, claiming to be Christian people are not a Christian band.. for they do not hold uplifting music or talk about God, but otherwise cause people to cut themselves to their music.
Rocker 1: "Dude, I LOVE white metal!!"

Rocker 2: "No way! What is your favorite white metal band!"

Rocker 1: "Dimmu Borgir!! I can only understand a bit of their music, but I know its Christian!!"

Rocker 2: ".... was that before Death Cult Armageddon, or after Sorgens Kammer? (lamely translated to Satan's Hammer)"
by HyperMetal May 03, 2007
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A style that seems to be coming up everywhere. Christian metal. As was said earlier, you don't exactly have to be like black metal, and it is NOT faggot music (think.. Christianity, homosexuals?). It used to be kind of rare to see a Christian metal band (because it was always thought of as oxymoron), but lately it has been coming up everywhere.
Check out: Zao, Demon Hunter, Sinai Beach, The Agony Scene, Stryper, As I Lay Dying, and others you can find out at
by Will June 28, 2005
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Think black metal, but lighter, and with references to Christianity and stuff.
Bloodgood is okay, as far as White Metal goes, but Dimmu Borgir kicks everybody's ass.
by muffinman January 31, 2004
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