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A small town in South Eastern North Carolina where generations of friends and family spend the summer. And yes you must have been there for at least 3 generations in order to be a local! It is a WL rule!

White Lake's first commercial operation open in 1901. The town was incorporated in 1951 and has a population of approximately 500 year-round with 200,000 tourists visiting the lake each summer. White Lake offers excellent swimming, boating, and water skiing for the perfect family vacation. In addition, the lake has amusement parks, and numerous other recreational facilities. Motel, cottages, and campground accommodations are available as well as permanent home sites. A beautiful 18-hole golf course is located between Elizabehttown and White Lake. White Lake is unique in that is has a white sandy bottom and is blessed with crystal clear waters. This is because it is fed by subterranean springs. It is truly a child's paradise in that there are no currents, no tides, no hazardous depressions or real dangers of any kind to swimmers. It has been labeled "The Nation's Safest Beach." Some of the accommodations are open all year. It is a choice resort area for southeastern North Carolina and one can spend an active and exciting day on the beaches and in the arcades, or a leisure time in the deep cool shade. White Lake is proud to be home of the annual "White Lake Water Festival."
White Lake is home of the "Lake Girls."
by Madison Riel May 11, 2006
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The act of a man inserting is scrotum into a womans ear and pouring peanut butter in her asshole that has been cooked in the microwave on medium high for 3 minutes, and having a cat lick it out while the other man inserts his scrotum into the asshole of the cat and when they both ejaculate they ejaculate onto the peanut butter then they put it into the jar and wait till some one gets home and eats it and passes out then the act is repeated until said homestead is scattered of bodies covered in jizz and peanut butter and then the original partners must skeet every where until the room fills up into a white lake
Bro why is the Lewis's house being repaired?
Apparantley they had a white lake last night
by francis jingle hop June 09, 2008
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A small town with population a little under 400 people that contains a K-12 school, a small store, a lake, and a bunch of bars. In two words.. Like Elcho..
John: Ever been to White Lake?

Christie: Why would i want to?
by -TheUndercoverLaker April 29, 2013
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