On an internet forum, a person who defends a member who is clearly wrong, usually with the hopes of gaining brownie points with said member. Often seen as negative behavior.

Similar to playing Devil's Advocate, but specific to internet forums.
Member 1: Why all the hate? He made a valid point and you guys are just dismissing him.

Member 2: Dude, stop white knighting, the guy's a troll. You're just making it worse.
by Namagem1 January 13, 2011
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Someone who sticks up for a friend or person in hopes of getting something out of it other then trying to help them.

Mostly males who trys to win over the girl they're protecting, yet making the girl seem bad.
Devaint art, white knight
by roseluna March 15, 2011
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a type of cockblocker
(noun, verb: White Knight. adjective: White Knightey.)

a male acquaintance of a woman who, usually motivated by jealousy, attempts to cockblock the woman by defending her (implicitly, her chastity) from another man.

Though the White Knight typically attempts to persuade the other man that the woman is "not interested," the White Knight usually is motivated to act in the first place only because he senses that the woman is attracted to the other man.

Amongst cockblockers, the White Knight is a relatively impotent type, because (i) the woman usually knows intuitively that the White Knight wants her and is motivated by his jealously, and (ii) White Knights almost always have low to moderate social skills/influence (which is why they are White Knights, because they do not get laid themselves), so the woman also knows that the White Knight's irritation is not likely to have negative social consequences for her. However, the White Knight's attempts are sometimes successful, often only because he unwittingly embodies the woman's fear of Slut Shaming (being judged), a very potent cockblocking force.

Typically, a man who behaves as a White Knight is in a pathetic state of mind. He feels for some reason that he cannot get laid, so reduces himself to trolling other men, especially men who happen to be hitting it off with women whom the White Knight has a history of fantasizing for.
Brian became a shining White Knight as soon as that guy from the rock band came over - he guarded Emily for more than an hour until she left.
by benjferri July 06, 2015
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White Knight.

A person, generally a man, who is seen giving all their attention to one or many particular females online.

The most common places that White Knights dwell is on 4chan's random board and various online games towards the RPG persuasion. However, White Knights are found everywhere in the online world.

This self motivated acts of chivalry is not geared toward just saving the hambeast maidens, but also White Knights have been noted to follow the rules adamantly in hopes of either becoming a moderator/admin or just flat out want to spoil the general online population's fun of bending the rules.

White Knights are not fun, but instead stuffy, boring, and an unusual hatred towards their fellow man for being selfish, crude and misogynists, in other words: All the fun things in life.
Anon: Let's have fun teasing this hambeast on livestream!
Anons: Yeah! Let's do it!
White Knight: Halt! In the name of chivalry, you foul heathen misogunists will burn as I save the maiden with kindness and give her solace with compliments!
Anons: Eat a dick WK, stop killing our buzz.

Anon: *reading rules* No swear? Fuck that shit!
White Knight: You there! You have broken a rule! I shall report you to the nearest moderator for correction!
Anon: Eat a dick WK, you can't tell me what to do because you're not a moderator.
White Knight: Just because I don't have a tag in front of my name doesn't mean I can't uphold the law! I AM THE LAW!
by JamesCDenton January 22, 2012
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A person (usually a male) who sees the typical maiden in distress, and believes that he can help her. A male version of the "mother figure" that some girls become.

White knight term can also be applied to a person participating in online forum who is not tasked with moderating it, but engages in the activity nonetheless - so-called backseat modding. The underlying causes for the behaviour are the same - person is anthropomorphising the forum and sees it as a "maiden in distress" and charges to the rescue.
"Why is he going out with her? She's broken, and a little crazy."

"The fool's just being a White Knight."
by ahawtf June 28, 2012
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White Knight is a noun, synonymous with cuck and beta male.

White Knights are a common breed of basement dwellers that desperately attempt to woo and appease any girl they encounter, typically to signal virtue and resemble a knight in shining armor. These people are generally lonesome and sexually depraved, so much so that they're willing to contort their personality and say things that they internally cringe at. They will not contradict one thing a girl says, and endlessly agree with her like a shallow yesman. If a lot of attention is

** Not every male who compliments a girl is a white knight, although unwarranted compliments are a major symptom of white knightery. **
Amanda: I'm so upset Jeremiah cheated on me...

Paul: Oh, Jeremiah? Yeah, he's a total asshole. I know you'll find someone better soon though.

Derek: - Whispering to Paul - Paul, quit your white knighting, we both know you're trying to get laid.

Paul: No, you don't understand. I'm concerned for Amanda.

Derek: Riiiight, why would you suddenly give a damn about Amanda now? You two don't even hang out, and have you even MET Jeremiah?

Paul: - Is lying - Yes, I did meet Jeremiah. He's a shrimpy dude who acts like a tough guy, you can tell with one glance that he's a wifebeater.

Derek: Jeremiah's fuckin' 6'4 dude... what the hell you mean "He's a shrimpy dude"?

- Paul is rendered speechless and exposed for the white knight he is. -
by AvexusDev July 03, 2017
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financial savior; a person or organization that rescues a business company, especially from an undesirable takeover
by Sara September 10, 2003
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