Batch: Apparently there was a giant card for Wilfrid Laurier's birthday at school... and someone wrote "Don't worry, Wilf, I'll hold your hair back."

Danelle: ahahahaha, that's amazing!

Batch: That's what i thought.

Danelle: His whispy little white hairs, aw.
by Danelle01 November 21, 2007
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To feel or act like one is in a dreamlike state.
Tara, felling whispy as she awoke, stumbled getting out of bed.
by C.I.A. January 21, 2009
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The state of being weak and needing to eat some protein to bulk up and be a Man.
Jared you are looking pretty whispy
by anonomyous143 September 22, 2010
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Young adult male who resembles a raccoon both physically and mentally. physical features are easily identified by trademarks such as;
- The tipped, faux-hawk hairstyle, which resembles the markings on the fur of a raccoon.
- Crooked teeth and a pubescent moustache also make up the Whisp's general appearance.
- Inspirational tattoos eg, 'dare to dream' written in chinese.
- Polo t-shirt with coat of arms/graffitti style designs, the collar of above mentioned polo must have collar turned upwards deflects snide remarks about the upcoming court hearing.
- Whispy's generally indulge in past-times such as lying, knocking up sluts, petty theft, drug cultivation, drug use and sale of, vandalism, car theft, arson and break and enter.Found in and aroung the Geelong region they are rapidly growing in number due to the introduction of the baby bonus.
Me "Where's my knife, Whispy?"
Whispy "Dunno, fuck off!"

Police Officer "And at currently where do you reside?"
Whispy "Grovedale Motel"

Whispy "Skitzmix 13's nutz"
Chad "Can you burn it for us?"
Whispy "Nuh!"
Chad "Carn Whisp!"
by tav19871 May 31, 2007
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When two chicks get maggot and make out with each other one should yell "Oh my God! Iss a Whispy!"
by LOBSHA~ January 09, 2004
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