It is a very old term used for Vagina. As seen in the movie Role Models.
Tell Her You Miss Her Whispering Eye .. I miss your whispering eye... He He He It means Vagina Hahaha
by Money Morales December 15, 2008
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Augie: And your whispering eye! say it!
Danny: ...and your whispering eye...
Danny: Whats that mean anyways?
Augie: Hehe vagina
by Kean Fannin November 9, 2008
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An old term meaning vagina. recently resurected by the hilarious movie Role Models(2008).
In the movie Role Models,
Danny: "...i would love to see you again, and your whispering eye. Bye.
whispering eye?"

Augie: It means vagina.
by pseudonym23943234654 December 1, 2008
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