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wHY - leE

backround information:
derived from the name of a infamous cat, this word has grown accustom to usage by a large variety of people in Southern Connecticut and the Chariho region of Rhode Island. this word's various meanings originated when a group of pals decided that they needed a new way to make fun of someone. alas, this multipurpose cuss was thrown out of pubescent mouths like there was no tomorrow. just like AIDS in africa, this word has been spread across faster than any other indie swear. the end result was this here urban dictionary definition.

proper noun:
a) the name of the cat owned by the neighbor of an autistic boy, Jacob. the owner of the cat is Little Kyle.

b) a word used in place of a curse or swear
c) a new nickname for any pet
d) a new nickname for your best friend
e) a great nickname for a retarded person, when you don't want them to know you're making fun of them
f) an insider that no one will ever fully understand

g) retarded, special (in a bad way), weird, not cool, embarrassing
h) loud, obnoxious, rude, crude, offensive, stanky
i) just plain stoopid

j) to fuck, to screw over
k) to be extremely annoying, to be excessively loud
l) to put out, to be a whore, to be easy (as in sexual encounters)
a) Jacob chases Whiley around at the bus stop. It's quite a normal occurrence, actually. What else would you expect from a retarded kid?

b) "whiley! i forgot my car keys... in bed."

c) person 1: "yo dude, whats your orangutans name?"
person 2: "Charles The 3rd, but everyone calls him Whiley!"

d) Em: "Chels, please don't call me stupid. I get really upset when you do."
Chels: "Oh shut up Whiley."

e) person 1: "LOL check out that Whiley licking the window on the short bus!"
person 2: "SHHH man! It might hear us!"


g) Zack: "Sometimes, I eat peanut butter off my toes."
Kyle: "Wow, I never thought I'd say this, but you're starting to act like that whiley kid from down the street."

h) That bitch was so whiley last night, next time we screw, I'm gonna have to bring a garbage bag.

i) I hate when people are whiley. Stupidity is contagious sometimes. I hope I never catch that STD!

j) dude 1: "YOOOO MAN! Did you and Shaniqua get it on last night?"
dude 2: "Yeah man... except when I woke up, I realized she Whiley'd me over! My car and all my money was gone!"

k) So there's this bitch ass on my bus whose name will remain untold. But basically, she Whiley's all morning on the way to school and makes me want to punch babies.

l) Do you Whiley on the first date?
by desire me x February 25, 2009
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The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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The name you give someone who tries to do things right or in his favor but screws up horrible. You know, like Whiley Coyote.
by Midnitesun November 07, 2003
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A large black penis ranging anywhere between 14 and 18 thousand feet.
shaniqua: did u hear that lashaundas husband has a whiley

laqueefa: oh my god i gonna cheat on my husband for that
by hickhickhickdickvag July 24, 2011
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