A white person who tries to act black.
"You are such a whick!"-Black Person
"Yo, what's a whick foo? Don't be dissin' me dawg!"-White Person
by TheVelvetUnderground December 23, 2015
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Dave: Man, i have a whick... i wish i had a blick :|

Joe: HAHA BITCH, i got a blick!
by cool_beans February 21, 2009
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an unrighteous act which in recent times has become the slang term for the word awesome with a heavy emphasis on the "wh"
"Muscles is whicked!"
by Young 1 April 16, 2008
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whick is when you are half white and half black
that nigger is whick
by Skankmum123 June 15, 2021
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when a female fails to remove her tampon before sex and the string is exposed looking like a "pussy whick"
I went to finger this girl and she left her pussy-whick
by Moose Kum September 1, 2011
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whick wack is a cute name for a baby wipe or hand wipe !
Could you pass me a whick wack please ? Just use a whick whack on that ! A whick wack will clean that up easily !
by hbabelicious August 4, 2008
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