It’s like where you been but it’s where you be for d-u-m-b people (:
Where you be fool?
Dude I haven’t seen you in a while, where you be?
by WhiplashTv October 5, 2018
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1. a term used to ask a person where they are.

2. a term used to ask a person how they are.

3. a term used to ask a person how far along they are, i.e. on a homework assignment.

4. simply a greeting.
1. julie, where you at!?

2. hey beth - where you at?

3. where you at on the english paper?

4. where you at, mo?
by yevson December 25, 2006
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ebonics: the uneducated way of asking "where are you". an urban expression that is usually spoken on the telephone to determine someone's location. This expression has been used for years in the hood and has been around long before cell phones existed.
by dkarez4u May 16, 2005
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Used by the welsh as an alternative to
Where are you
Text Message "Wher u 2"

Phonecall "Hiya where you to?"
by *Valley* February 8, 2009
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sad attempt by Mobile to connect with a younger, "hipper" generation. Also a rampant exploitation of the frail elderly...these people are forced to speak in Ebonics, talk to Ludacris, wear ridiculous hairstyles, and say things nobody says like "I'm at this bangin party, yo" and "Peace up..."
Where you at? the whole city's behind us!
by smashingpumpkins June 25, 2005
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A commonly asked question despite its incorrect use of english. This sentence ends in a preposition and its use should be forbidden.
Where you at : 7 out of 10 people use this phrase on a regular basis. Please refer to television, radio, MTV, or random conversations in your local city.
by Kraemer05811 August 3, 2006
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Another sign that the media is TRYING to make us all stupider.
John: "Yo, where you at?"
John: *Runs off cowering.*
Kelly: "THAT'S RIGHT. Ignore cell phone commercials and re-learn what your second grade teacher tried in vain to get through your thick skull."

And we never heard from poor John again.
by afterthegoldrush September 5, 2005
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