Used by many asian cool cats that cannot speak proper english and refuse to use the word "in". WTW can also be used on various websites as well.
Hey Mom I'm going to get run over by a car today. WHAT THE WORLD!
by needsteeds August 23, 2011
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A phrase that one says to another person in reaction to a completely ridiculous situation.
Jena: Yeah I heard that Nicki spontaneously set her house on fire yesterday in a wild rage and then ran down the street screaming "The British are coming!"

Jasmine: What in the world?
by butterflijlo August 9, 2009
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When Madi,Jas,and Tre have nothing else better to do they sing what a wonderful world to make them busy.
“Tre: And I think to myself….
by Tre Brewster July 5, 2021
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A phrase used in response to an unlikely hypothetical situation.
“If someone beats you up for being "cishet white male" and nothing else, is this okay? Did you deserve it?”

What if the world was made of pudding?”
by Final Fox August 14, 2022
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A rebuttal to an absurd, completely uncompounded, and over the top argument or statement.
Idiot: Well what if he invited you over to kidnap or kill you?
Intellectual: What if the world was made of pudding?
by Fish985 December 17, 2022
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What you say when you stumble across something bizzare, unusual, shocking, and or interesting while surfing the web.
by 14012008011413070515180705 February 7, 2005
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The song you should listen too, when you feel like there's nothing to live for, when you start feeling that life ain't all that beautiful.
Yesterday, I'd planned to kill myself, and just when I was about to hang myself, the radio played Louis Armstrong's - What a wonderful world! and listening to the radio play that song, I just couldn't.
by DAIDBITCH! July 14, 2011
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