Said when your bored and you want to talk with someone who is also bored, filler.
What are you doing?

What are you doing?
by Cheez March 22, 2003
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A question asked by your online buddy.
Upon reading that, you feel the urge to reply with the terms "your mom."
E: Hey man, how's it going?
A: Good.
E: What are you doing?
A: Your mom.
E: WTF??
A: That's right, I'm doing your mom.
by E ain't no Wanksta August 18, 2003
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A question that elicits a response in the here and now.

In French, "Quesque tu fait?"
Anytime anyone doesn't know what the other person is doing they can ask what are you doing?
by EvaLissens September 20, 2009
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This phrase is a form of trash talk commonly used while shouting at really bad kids, who quite frankly, dont know what they are doing.

Usually associated with Halo 3, where you completely rape the other team. Tsquared asks Walshy it all the time.

by Butterrzz December 03, 2009
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a playful game of touch-each-other's-genitals in public, with the aim of 1: arousing the partner and 2:having the fun of playing a dirty game and not getting caught. remember to keep all your clothes on to play, otherwise it's just handjobs!
by Bite me, my love. November 10, 2002
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The phrase used by Keith Hudson when exciting shit is about to go down. This can be used when he sees a Contour employee, some good ass food, or any animal that walks by him.
*Sees a dog eating some good ass chicken*

Hey Dog WHAT ARE YOU DOING you eating some good bbq there?! I can season it for ya!
by Ice man 02 October 14, 2018
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