Holy shit, you misspelled a very simple word
Person 1: Hey guys, whar up
Person 2: Dude, you much misspelled "what"
Person 3: What the fuck, you need typing practice
Person 1: guys stfu, everyone makes mistakes, I just pressed "r" instead of "t" when I spell "what"
by A guy who sees your every mo September 14, 2020
"whar" is occasional slang for people who are too lazy to fully pronounce the word what, and it comes out as sort of a mumbled "whar" noise. They also can type it this way, too. Other examples of similar ways of doing this would be wot and wut.
Jason asked a stupid question, and Ra answered him by asking "whar?" in response.
by Rafasa October 22, 2006
I am packing.
Packing for whar?
by kaisercreb August 22, 2012
when greeting another homie, for example: "whar gwarn blood?"
by kayleigh bowler June 12, 2008
An absurd response to any statement or declaration, particularly those which indicate some degree of pride or satisfaction.

First seen in the Family Circus parody site in which humorous captions are substituted for the normal ones; the cartoon was of Jeffy fishing and fantasizing about riding atop a giant fish that he had caught. The idea was apparently that the fish's poop was keeping it in place, and the "whar" was included to lend it a maritime flavor.
A: So Jessica and I went out Friday night, and we had the best time! First we went over to Jon's house, and--
B: The poop keeps it whar it is.
by Don Pratt February 3, 2004
“Whar doon” is a shortcut for the phrase, “What are you doing” and acts as its slang replacement.

It’s mostly used in the form of a question, but doesn’t have to be.
Me: Hey, whar doon?
My sister: Drugs hbu?

Me: Whar doon tonight? Wanna catch a movie?
My sister: I’m bust tonight! Whar doon tomorrow?
Me: I don’t care whar doon tomorrow because I wanted to hang tonight.
by AngieCWmusic September 25, 2017
A simple yet more peaceful way to say War,

It defines a "peaceful yet hate-felt war", where one is not allowed to use actual weapons, instead is used in a peaceful way of words, and may be allowed to be used in stupid discussions.
Whar is widely known in the phrase "Whar is Whar."
"Mia and Aero went to whar yesterday over whether or not berries are great sources of food."
by Darlinqqbunni January 15, 2022