A party or social that allows alcohol for those of age, and not for those who are underage. Usually the alcohol is served in a roped off section, where I.D must be given and no alcohol is permitted to leave. Most wet/drys are held in a university setting, where there are both of-age and underage students.
"Hey, are you going to the wet/dry at the bar tonight?"
"Naw, I don't have any money."

"I love wet/dry events! I'm underage, but I love the break from studying."
by faomu February 15, 2012
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1.) A level in the classic game, Super Mario 64 where you can change water levels.

2.) See New Orleans
Dude! Did you hear what happened to New Orleans?" "Yeah dude it was a total wet-dry world moment!
by Lakitaari November 1, 2010
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Being wet in a conversation is to keep it going and no short responses. And being dry is a one to three word responses or either lagging to respond or not responding at all.
Dylan:So how’s your day going so far?
Bella:Good ig hbu
Dylan:My days good
Dylan: Be wet not dry.
by xlqp September 21, 2023
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A genius quote invented by Louis to state that a pussy better when moist rather than when dry.
by LOUIS_shush January 22, 2021
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What Obama put up the ass of Cuban Refugees when they tried to come to America by boat across the Gulf of Mexico.
Yeah, Obama put a wet foot dry foot up the asses of those Cuban refugees right before Trump's inauguration.
by Willk February 1, 2017
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we all know what a Hot Karl is, but is also good to know that there are 2 variations, the DRY one (when you shit a dry turd in the sock to hit someone´s face) and the WET one, when the sock is filled with a nasty diharrea, the first one ends up beeing more humane in the sense that you get hit in the face with a smelly hard turd, the second one will leave a mark.
I wanted to give that dude a hot karl but i forgot I had diharrea, I did it anyways, now that i think about it I dont think he deserved a Wet hot karl. Hot Karl (wet and dry version)
by P. Burns May 20, 2022
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When you spit on one hand in preparation to give your boy a cheeky rub and tug, then sike them out and run the wet hand through your hair only to begin wacking them off with the other, dry hand.
Yo its fucked, Daniel hit me with the wet hand alaskan dry rub last week.

Man thats wack, we all know your dick is chafing already.
by Darklordbunnies May 20, 2022
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