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noun: The place where before football games a cop hands you a cup for beer, and says "Enjoy the game", where it is becoming acceptable to burn couches and drink with professors. The place where everyone is 21 no matter what your REAL ID says. Occassionally attend class, and when you do you are still hungover or drunk. Sadly where you have to depend on a crappy transportation system, the PRT which is guarnteed to make you late for class. And no matter where you go its uphill BOTH ways.
West Virginia University: Where Greatness is learned and Couches are burned
by Kelly Fletcher February 11, 2005
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Called WVU for short, it's the biggest party school in the country. Half the people there are total rednecks, and ALL the people there are raging alcoholics. A good place to go if you want the full-out college experience without silly distractions like classes getting in the way.
Boss: "Now it says here on your resume that you attended West Virginia University for four years. How was that?"
You: "I don't remember."
by Nick D August 09, 2004
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Located in Morgantown, West Virginia, this school is home to the world's finest couch burners. They usually have a pretty decent football team and basketball team, although the 2009-2010 basketball team won the Big East Championship and made it to the NCAA Final Four. Many innocent couches were burned those nights.

Their biggest sports rival is whoever they happen to be playing that night, though they do particularly hate Pitt, and will usually shout "Eat shit Pitt" at games. The fans offten times make sports center because of their heckling tactics (which include shouting the name of a coach's misstress) and throwing trash onto the floor and at players from the other school. The rowdy fans are offten times from New Jersey, but can be just about anyone from the school if they're playing Pitt. They burn couches and sing "Country Roads" after every game.
Mom- What should we do with this old couch?

Dad- Hey, let's send it to our son that goes to West Virginia University that way he has something to burn after the game!
by Em K. 723 November 26, 2010
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The most pockmarked, shitty campus in the world. Not built for the amount of students that go here, as is evidenced by the traffic problems inherently caused by 1 (one) road going through campus.
Oh yeah and we drink alot also.
by SB February 14, 2005
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